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Very well done and professional

Russ was fantastic to have as my DJ for my wedding. The level of coordination he provided held my wedding together and his style of announcing and total care of how things went were indispensable. My wedding would not have been anywhere as good with another DJ, and I know this for a fact after helping other friends and family members with their wedding. He's the only DJ I would ever consider for a wedding.

Kerry K
Fabulous Job Where do I begin?

Everything Russ did he did so well and there are so many things that a DJ can do to make a wedding so much better and obviously Russ knows what they are and how to pull them off with perfection. The ceremony music and reception came out perfect. He did a fabulous job. Everyone at my wedding keeps complementing me on most of which Russ had a major part in.
Very Personalized
My review of Russ is that he did a very good job with my wedding last year. The music, announcing and coordination were very well done. He provides a very personalized service. I am very satisfied with his input and work with my wedding. I would recommend him to my friends. Thank you
Great work from a great DJ. Made my wedding.

My husband and I agreed, we were not going to have a DJ that does high school dances, night clubs or anything like that for our wedding. We found Russ to be the polar opposite of a DJ that does that other type of events. We wanted someone that was an expert when it came to my weddings, so we wouldn't end up with something strange or something that wasn't appropriate. Very solid service and very perfectly designed with the thought of weddings in mind. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is concerned about what me and my husband were concerned about.
Music was the most important thing to us.

Music to us was the most important part of our wedding. Russ was totally accommodating to what we wanted for our style and managed it beautifully. Since we're both really into music so much, we just wanted to make absolutely sure that we hired a dj that would really work with us on that. He did and we are both really grateful and happy how it went.

Russ played for all my cocktail hour and reception. He was able to set up in both areas where the music was already playing when guests transitioned from one area to the next. The music was perfect. All in all the whole thing came out great and everyone had a great time. Russ is definitely a professional when it comes to weddings. His nice voice and natural style of announcing kept my wedding from sounding like I had some radio DJ doing my wedding. It was very nice! Hope this helps other brides.
Nice to work with.

My husband Tom and I were so blessed to have Russ as our DJ. He was so nice to work with and so helpful and understanding, which is uncommon for any type of service. He did everything he said he would and more; just a wonderful service. Exceeded our expectations more than anything else we had dealt with for our wedding.
One thing I really like is he never sends out other DJs

When we hired Russ we knew what we were going to get before our wedding, because he never sends out other people to DJ like other DJs do. I heard about DJs subcontracting just anybody they can get to go out and DJ events and weddings. Also getting your DJ switched on you at the last moment. A friend of mine had that happen to her even when her contract said it was going to be the DJ she booked, he claimed he was sick to get around the contract. They found out later he had DJ-ed someone else's wedding and wasn't really sick. We thought that was pretty scary to think of that ending up happening to us on our wedding day. With Russ we had one less thing to be stressed out about after hiring him. Everything he did from the announcing and coordinating to the music was done extremely well and professionally.
Very pleased with Russ

Russ treated us so well, he was very understanding, very personable, and extremely helpful when things seemed hectic. He really kept my wedding moving forward and organized so that it ran smooth. Really exceptional work with the coordination, MCing and the music. When my sister was married three years ago her Dj was none of these and it all just added to her stress. If she had Russ as her DJ I think it would have really made her feel a lot less stressed out. I felt sorry for her. I can honesty say anyone that hires Russ for their wedding are going to be very happy they made the decision to have him help them. He's a great choice.
Spectacular job with my sister's wedding
Russ did a spectacular job with my sister's wedding that I helped put together earlier this year. He did all the announcing and coordinating perfectly, was very skilled with handling my sister's music selections, and has an appropriate style with everything. He managed everything and kept the reception together and running smooth. He really made my sister's wedding. I have to give him my top rating.

Sister Tina
I wanted to let other people know how great Russ was as our DJ for our wedding. Very classy professional style the way he did the announcing and his presence and presentation. I’ve gone to a lot of weddings, I mean a lot, and no other DJ I saw at these weddings made the wedding feel just right like Russ did with our wedding. I am so happy that I found him and that we hired him. He is really service oriented in every way and very honest and nice to work with. I really want people to know that this is your guy if you’re if you need a DJ for your wedding. Don’t hesitate in hire him since I know he books up fast. Good luck with your wedding!
Should be on must have list for any wedding
Russ puts out a great quality service and is extremely skilled with DJing and MCing weddings. Very natural and very fluid style that definitely kept my wedding from feeling or seeming cheap. That's one thing I noticed with other weddings I've been to, is that if the DJ is tacky, has a fake voice, acts too excited or dresses wrong or even if the look of the equipment is bad, it can really make the whole wedding seem cheap. With Russ putting out that kind of quality and taste with everything he does really can make a big difference with any wedding. So yes I definitely highly recommend him.
Excellent service

Russ was very personable, friendly and accommodating the entire time. Leading up to our wedding and during our wedding you can tell that he really cared about how our wedding went. The way he handled every detail and how well he ran our wedding went way beyond our expectations. I'm so glad we decided to go with him over the other DJs we were considering even though we paid a little more than most of what the other DJs were charging. I feel we received much more in value to our wedding than that small difference in fee, so it was well worth it and I can honestly highly recommend him to anyone that knows how big a difference that good of a DJ and Master of Ceremonies can make for your wedding. Did everything he says he would do and more.  I heard he was very good at whathe does, but Russ by far exceeded our expectations. Everything was very well done.   Out of everything we had for our wedding I would put Russ at the top of my recommended list. 
Russ was the DJ for both my two sons' and my daughter's weddings.

We are always' recommending him to our friends and other acquaintances. We're very picky, so we wouldn't be recommending him over other DJs if we didn't know for a fact he takes very good care of anyone that hires him for a wedding. He's very talented and a must have service when someone's getting married. I figure why waist all that work of putting together a wedding by having the average joe DJ that could make a mess of all the hard work I went to putting together the weddings.
Small wedding but turned out great!

We had a very small wedding at my mother's house, but Russ made if feel like we went all out. He really made the day. I can see why they say the person doing the music and the person doing the MCing will either make or break your wedding. Now that my wedding's over it very obvious to me now that nothing else can make such an impact either way. If it's good it's great and makes the wedding, and well if mediocre or if it's bad? If we went with one of the other DJs we were talking with I know it would have turned out the way it did with having Russ instead. What a great day and night it turned into with having him work his magic. Very skilled and professional work.

Hiring Russ for our wedding was a good decision.

After some searching I found Russ. He came across as someone that really knew what he was doing and clearly was more concerned about us and being honest and helpful than just making a buck like everyone else I found seemed to be. He was always pleasant and focused on helping us when we needed the help. It was nice having someone of his experience and caliber helping us with our wedding. My wife and I are really glad I made the decision to hire him for our wedding.
Makes a big difference

I helped a friend of mine some years ago with her wedding and the main thing I remember is the disaster her dj ended up being.  The dj she had ruined her wedding to put it bluntly. You just don't realize what a big difference having someone like this can make until you experience it for yourself though.  It can make all the difference in the world on how your wedding ends up turning out like. Russ did an amazing job with mine. Good luck with your wedding!
The music made the night
Me and my husband decided on a cocktail hour style reception with hor'derves, drinks and music. We didn't require much in the way of announcing or coordination and we didn't even have anything like a first dance or cake cutting, so since we had Russ just play background music so I put four stars for service. He did a perfect job with the music selections and it really made the night for us to hear the music we liked. Sounded great too with the great sounding sound system he set up. The overall look of the equipment he set up and the way he looked were very nice. No complaints here and would hire him again.
Very Professional and Knowledgeable

Russ is a true professional and knows weddings like no one else. He helped us when no one else would and really knew what he was talking about. During our wedding he really pulled through for us and made it what we wanted. We’re both so very grateful for his expert work and professionalism. We paid a bit more for him than other DJs were offering, but it was well worth it. What we received was so much more than what we would have received with another DJ.

After my three friends had such bad experiences with their DJ, I had to go with someone I could really trust. My one friend’s DJ said something extremely obscene over his microphone and even in front of her grandparents and then was a complete jerk to her husband even though before this he seemed very professional and nice, then my other friends DJ showed up late and then played music she told him not to play and wouldn't quit playing music she didn't want, and my other friend who's DJ acted and sounded embarrassingly tacky or goofy on the Mic along with having her reception all mixed up and even called her by someone else's name for their grand entrance.
It was really sad since all of my friends thought they had picked out really good DJs before their wedding and they all were positive they made a good choice. They all said their DJ before their wedding acted very professional and really nice and classy. What you see is not what you get and how things change after you book them. They even had some good reviews. With Russ I had no problems at all and he had everything just the way I wanted it to go. He's very professional and has it all together. Not to mention his voice sounded really great and natural for my announcements.
We were in complete panic mode when we first contacted Russ, since our first Dj that was also suppose to play live guitar for our ceremony canceled on us the week of our wedding. After the cancellation I realized my DJ/musician's price was really too to good to true. I found out that it’s not an uncommon thing to happen, since a coworker at my work had it happen to them with the same exact DJ a year ago. I thought our wedding was done for until I found Russ. When I found Russ I knew I found someone that I could count on. I was so right. He provided the music for both our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.
Dependable service and fantastic service to say the least. Russ was great.

Jennifer G.
Our top pick for our DJ

After lots of research and thought, we ended up going with Russ for our DJ and MC for our wedding. We did our due diligence and it payed off, he was fantastic . He went so far out of his way to make sure our wedding went well. Russ is clearly a very accomplished professional with real sold ethics and a great attitude, which is just what a wedding needs. Even though we knew we made a great choice in a DJ before our wedding, we still didn’t realize just how much of a difference he would make with our wedding until it was over. If it weren’t for him I know our wedding would have been no where near as nice as it ended up being. I know the other DJs we were looking at talked a good game, but I know it would have not measured up. Russ defiantly provides a five star quaintly service.
Russ provided really great service.

He did exactly what we wanted with the music and everything, and helped us with some things that needed done that we didn’t even know needed to be done. Things I’m certain other DJs wouldn’t have helped us with. He was a god send, keeping it all together on that day. Additionally, he did a nice job with consulting with us before the wedding when some issues came up that we needed help figuring out, things our consultant we paid for did either know or want to help us with.
Highly Recommended

Russ is a true professional through and through. The level of detail he helped with in running my reception that day was very unexpected, but well appreciated. I knew he was good at what he does, but what he did for our wedding went way beyond our expectations or knowledge of the difference the right DJ and MC can make. He kept on top of everything so well. Even when we had forgot to inform him that a song was going to be sang at my reception by my sister at the end of dinner, he downloaded the background song my sister needed to sing to since she had forgot to bring her CD, and he set her up with a wireless microphone and it came out beautiful. Ten minutes before he was to announced the toast he noticed that our caterers had missed filling our special wedding champagne flutes, so right away he notified the caterers to get them filled so they would be ready for the toast. He made sure my dad was back from the restroom before announcing the first dance, since otherwise my dad would have not been there for our father daughter dance after our first dace ended. That was just a few things he did that kept it all together for us that day. He also managed our song selections in what seemed like the perfect sequence/order, where the music seemed to go together perfectly somehow even though the song list we gave him were from a lot of different genres and types. Absolutely incredible skill in every area that he was dealing with. I know there’s no one better out there doing this type of work, so he’s well worth every penny and more. If I had to do it all over again I would be very worried if I had to use some other DJ other than Russ, so yes I do highly recommend him.
Superior Performer

I hired Russ to perform as the DJ and MC for my daughter’s wedding and I was very happy with the results. He provided a service that was very professional and reliable. He really put my mind at ease, since we had so much riding on this wedding with the cost of everything, and the amount of work and time put into it. It was great to have someone that really knows what their doing, takes their work seriously, and cares. Other DJs I looked into didn’t come across as someone that I could really count on. He did a great job with the music, coordination and announcing; superior performance from a superior performer. My daughter and son-in-law were extremely happy with the results. I would recommend Russ to anyone that’s getting married.
Great to work with

I was the Day of Coordinator at a wedding last October where Russ was the DJ. It was really a pleasure working with him. He really worked with me to run the wedding and keep things on track. I tend to find DJs very difficult to work with and they often seem to be more interested going against what I need them to do rather than trying to work with me. Russ is dependable, quality focused, and a pleasure to work with, and since working with him I only recommend him to my clients.
I like how Russ guarantees his work

Russ was great to have as my DJ for my wedding. He’s a very cool guy, very personable and diplomatic, and very professional. Anyone willing to guarantee their work you have to figure isn’t going to be blowing your wedding like the DJs that have no guarantee might.

I figured anyone would have to be plain stupid to play games with dealing with a DJ that has no guarantee that their not going to ruin my wedding.
I figured why have a wedding and spend all the money on it if you don’t know your DJ isn’t going to totally trash your wedding. Russ played all my music and nailed everything perfectly. Couldn’t ask for a better DJ!

Made our wedding

I wasn’t about to get a DJ that also does parties and other events. There’s obviously a big difference between a wedding and other types of parties, so if a DJ didn’t do just weddings I wasn’t interested. That was really the deciding factor on hiring Russ. He really does everything very different than these other DJs. As expected, he did a great job at my wedding. If you’re looking for a DJ for your wedding I highly recommend you hire him and I recommend you do it before he gets booked by someone else. Thanks for reading my review.

Russ was an excellent choice

for me and my husband
He’s very reputable and does what he says he’s going to do. This was my second marriage and between me and my family we’ve had eight DJs that have done weddings for us, and by far Russ provides far more superior service compared to all the other DJs we’ve used for weddings. The fact he does only wedding and that’s all he’s ever done is one very big factor. Also his ethical stance on how to treat his clients and their wedding by doing all the weddings he books himself and all the other things he does to ensure his reliability and quality is something that you just can’t always get no matter how much you spend, and my family has spent and waisted a lot of money on some pretty risky and not so great DJs.
Russ is definitely unique in his field

I’m a computer engineer and I’m pretty detail oriented and organized, so when I found Russ I was impressed since not too many DJs are any where near as detail oriented and organized as he is. (A must for a wedding). You can tell just from his website that he’s very organized detail oriented, and has good taste compared to what you see on other DJs websites. It seems that type of person isn’t that normal in the DJ business, so I had my wife call him so he could go over how he does everything for her as well and she was just as impressed. He really does a great job and made a huge difference in how well our wedding turned out. His voice and the way he announces, just in itself, left a real air of good taste and style. That’s something I care about since that is what my guests heard through my reception to direct their attention. That made a big impact in the style and feel of my wedding. He also did great work with putting together our music selections by playing the sequence of our songs just the right order, which I guess comes from years of experience with weddings. I just wish the rest of our wedding vendors were as good as him, but then again the person doing the DJ and MC work is what makes the biggest difference with a wedding, so the other things were not quite as critical. He’s the DJ you’re going to want to hire for your wedding if these things are important to you.
Very helpful and professional

Russ was the disc jockey for my wedding. He was a necessary part of my wedding, playing the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. He was the perfect disc jockey for what I needed. My family, my friends, and my husband and I were all very pleased with the results. We didn’t realize before our wedding how much we would be depending on our DJ or MC and how important it is to get someone as professional as Russ is. I highly recommend him if you are having a wedding and you feel you need someone that is going to conduct himself professionally, and provide the right style and skills necessary for your wedding to come out right.

A must have for your wedding

I had Russ help me with my wedding.  He is definitely an expert.  His consulting on the planning of my reception, the coordinating, great style of MCing, music expertise, and fantastic service is something no one should be without.  I insisted that my best friend use him, but at first she didn't want to since she wanted to go with a cheaper DJ to save money so she would have money for other things for her Wedding.  I finally convinced her and after her wedding she kept thanking me over and over again for insisting that she hire Russ. She realizes that she almost made a huge mistake. I know a DJ can ruin your wedding and I wasn't going to let her take that kind of risk, especially with all the time she put into it and the cost of her wedding.
Found the perfect DJ for my weddings

I really appreciated all the work Russ did for my wedding. My two best girlfriends spent so much on their wedding, but when they budgeted for their DJ they went with an average priced DJ and it showed. I felt so sorry for them. It was pretty bad to the point where they were both really embarrassed and I was embarrassed for them. It was sad too, since their wedding would have otherwise been really nice except that really messed the whole day up. Having Russ for my wedding with how professional he is really did make a very big difference. I was extremely pleased with the way he handled everything and of course I didn’t have to endure being embarrassed at my own wedding.
Very Good Quality

I appreciate all the hard work Russ did for our wedding. Trustworthy and very good quality of service. You won’t be sorry.
Superb DJ & MC

What can I say about Russ our DJ and MC for our wedding, but he was excellent to say the least. Shopped around for long time and listened to lots of different DJs talk. When it came down to which is the best and most dependable, hands down Russ was my choice. I can't believe there are some reviews from people saying some other DJ is so great, but if you compare them to what Russ does they obviously don't really measure up. I like that he even guarantees his work. Why take such chances? I wasn’t going to be dumb and hire some DJ that doesn’t guarantee their work. Sure you could spend less, but you’ll get less and worst of all no guarantees.
Russ was great. He did alot of things I didn’t even know needed to be done and really helped us with our wedding so it would turn out great. Very nice presentation and great looking and sounding equipment. We had a great time and my wedding was really fun thanks to Russ eveyone had a blast. lol

Unexpected surprise

Ok, let’s get down to the brass tax as to what was the main point about why having Russ as our DJ was such a surprisingly good and important decision on our part. After our wedding it was abundantly evident that nothing could have make such an big impact on how well our wedding went or how well the day turned out in comparison to the work Russ did. Put it this way, if I had to do it all over again, in a heartbeat I would easily pay five times what I did in order just to have him to DJ and MC my wedding. If I had to cut out all other expenses for my wedding in order to pay for him I would. But, I didn’t feel this way until after our wedding and actually thought I was paying way too much, since I just didn’t conceive of his input having that much of an effect and impact on our wedding. But trust me on this, if he is available for your wedding date book him for your wedding and after your wedding you will feel like I do, he’s worth much more than what you will end up having to pay. There’s no need to look anywhere else. Trust me on this, you will not be sorry.

Russ performed for our wedding last year and did a great job. Believe me when I say, don’t bother considering going with another DJ since this guy’s the best by far. My feeling is there is no need to take a risk with this part of your wedding, since the music and MC hosting really “is” your wedding, so just go ahead get him booked for your wedding and don’t wait since he gets booked up was ahead of time. We actually booked him a year before our wedding date.

Cheers! Jerry
Best if your having a wedding

I would recommend Russ for his great work as a DJ mainly if you’re having a wedding. If it’s something like just a birthday party or company party or whatever you can go with the other cheaper ones. With a wedding you just shouldn’t take a chance, since way too many things with your DJ can go wrong. I'm giving him a positive review since he did such a nice job with my wedding.
Russ is an upstanding DJ. Not only is he a great DJ, but really just an all around stand up kind guy you can count on. He does what he say’s he’s going to do and treats you right. He is very honest, conscientious and a really nice person. I can’t say enough good about him. His website explains a lot of what he does, but he was even so much more what we expected. He deserves the highest recommend from me and my husband.
Russ is a very ethical person and an extreme expert with weddings. If you don’t feel like taking a chance with other DJs, I can tell you that you won’t be taking any chances if you hire him. He just nailed the music perfectly, perfect classy announcing, on top of it all with the coordination, nice, and professional in the true meaning of the word. He really was the glue that held our reception together. I don’t typically like recommending anything or anybody, but this is something I just have to so that other people having a wedding will have their wedding turn out nice and so they won’t end up having problems. I can say from my two brothers weddings, this is not something you want to fool with or take a chance. Just do it, hire Russ and don’t hesitate by getting sidetracked with other DJs sales pitches. You won’t be sorry.

Mark M.
Great dj. 

I'm into music and Russ stuck with the music we wanted.  Definitely an all around great dj too. Way worth it. Excellent work! Exceeded any expectations.
Had to leave Russ a great big thank you!
The brides and grooms in the past that have hired me for their wedding always had a hard time realizing just how much the personality they hire for their DJ and MC will make their wedding. They nearly always would end up not prioritizing this part of their wedding and start focusing on other non-important issues and other details. It would drive me crazy since they often would get influenced by DJs that in order to get booked have to offer projectors, big lighting set ups, or photo booths or something other than just being very good at being a DJ and MC. It’s always been a constant battle to get them to realize how important this is and to go ahead and spend the money on this part, since it will pay off in spades. That being said, Russ is at the top of his game and the only DJ that I’ve ever worked with that I could completely trust to do the job right, plus he doesn’t have the arrogant DJ attitude.  I don't mean to be overly critical, but all the other DJs I've worked with are really not that great and it always would effect so many things, some subtle and some not so subtle.  I’m more or less retired from coordinating weddings after 30 years of doing this work, but if you're able hire Russ then do so.  Even today when people ask me what's the most important thing they can do to have a great wedding, I tell them the number one thing to focus on is to get a great DJ and then I email them Russ’s link.
Top 10 why we went with Russ

Top 10 reasons: (1) I didn’t have to worry about him sending someone else to DJ my wedding or subcontracting my wedding out, which I hear is a commonplace issue with other DJs. (2) He has a great style with his voice and presence, which kept my wedding from having that low class feel, since I’ve seen other DJs at the weddings I’ve been to and their voice and style of saying things sound pretty classless, cheesy, very bad, etc. (3) He clearly is accommodating so I knew that he would do what we wanted with the music and all stages of our reception. (4) He’s obviously honest and sincere. (5) He’s a professional and a veteran so he knows his stuff, not just some young hipster punk DJ. Also, this is all he does for a living, whereas I found that other DJs I called had other main jobs and that their DJ work was for just a second income which means that my wedding wouldn’t be all that important to them. (6) He is very focused on quality with his equipment and overall service. (7) Dependability, responsive, punctual, reliable, low maintenance, user friendly. (8) Doesn’t have an attitude, which I found to be a deal breaker with other DJs. (9) Is very organized and on top of things. (10) I didn’t feel like I was throwing my money away and that I was actually getting something of value.
Good insurance for your wedding

More than anything else the reason I hired Russ was that I wanted someone that is ethical. If he charges a little more I didn’t mind, since you're paying for insurance. I wasn’t going to play with things like punctuality, getting the right music, and also making sure I got very good equipment that is not old and outdated.  The things that you just should not mess with.

So I personally think the total overall dependability in all aspects of what he provides is where the value really lies the most for me, even though there is a lot of other things your going to get going with him as your DJ that are going to be much better than other DJs.
We’re really happy how things went with having him help us with our wedding. Five stars all the way around.

Bruce & Jenn